Xplore: Developer Toolkit

Exploratory programming and developer tools for ServiceNow

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A must have for every developer

Xplore is used by ServiceNow developers across the world to improve development activities and support for their instances.

You can learn, test, write, and debug code, and so much more!

Exploratory Programming

Xplore was written to give quick and clear insight into the structure of JavaScript and Java classes, objects, properties, and variables.


Write code, instantly execute it, debug, and repeat – all from the same interface.

Large Text Support

Working with large strings can be problematic. Xplore allows you to easily work with them for things like CSV parsing, XML processing and more.

Regular Expressions

Regular expressions can be difficult to get right. Xplore allows you to easily write and test your expressions with instant results.

Script Timer

Xplore has no limit on the transaction length, so you can execute time consuming scripts and see how long they’ve been running.

Transaction Cancellation

Xplore gives you safety from things like infinite loops by allowing you to cancel the transaction immediately.


Easily see what your script did using pre-filtered node logs in addition to standard system logs.

Scope Support

Don’t just run scripts in global, choose from any application scope in the system.

Visual Table Hierarchy

Easily search for tables and view the hierarchy on full or partial matches.